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Read & listen to Prof. Sirius De'Lusion's HEADSPACERS Adventure 2 eBook and Audiobook bundle.


Experience the Magic of Headspacers Adventure 2:
The Great Headspace Race


Embark on a journey through time and imagination with the 'Headspacers Adventure 2' eBook and Audiobook bundle. This enthralling sequel to our beloved first adventure invites you to continue the extraordinary journey with Young Sirius and Danika, as they explore the uncharted realms of headspace.


Synopsis: In this captivating sequel, Young Sirius and Danika, guided by the wisdom of Professor Sirius De'Lusion, delve deeper into the mysteries of headspace. This time, their adventure takes them not only across diverse headspace realms but also through time itself. With the creation of the innovative Solopod X, a headspace ship capable of time travel, they embark on an incredible journey that spans 88 years into the future. Experience the awe of exploring futuristic landscapes and the thrilling encounters that challenge and inspire our young adventurers.


Adventure Highlights:

  • Time Travel Exploration: Discover the excitement of journeying through time, from the present day to a breathtaking future 88 years ahead.
  • Captivating Narration: Immerse yourself in the story with engaging narration, bringing to life the thrilling adventures of Sirius, Danika, and their family and friends.
  • Dynamic Music: Enhanced by a soundscape, experience the thrill of time travel and the wonder of new worlds.
  • eBook: Each page of the eBook captures the essence of adventure and stimulates your imagination.


Bundle Includes:

  • An Enthralling Audiobook: Journey through time with the enchanting voices of a full cast, accompanied by dynamic sound effects and music.
  • A Captivating eBook: A companion to your auditory experience, enriching the narrative.


Don't miss out on this mesmerizing sequel, 'Headspacers Adventure 2: The Great Headspace Race'. Available now for those who dare to dream and traverse the boundless realms of headspace.


Prof. De'Lusion
Wizard of Magical Devices

Headspacers - Adventure 2

    • 1 Headspacers Adventure 2 eBook in PDF (45 Pages)
    • 1 Headspacers Adventure 2 Audiobook in MP3 (57 Min.)
    • 2 files are in a ZIP file

    Unzip the file on a desktop and share files with preferred devices.

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