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Join Professor De'Lusion's Affiliates and earn 50% on every digital sale you make!

What is this affiliate program?

Professor De'Lusion's affiliate program, known as Headspace Affiliates, is a way for you to earn money by advertising the Headspace OS product on your website, blog or social media. For every person you refer that completes a purchase, you earn 50% commission on the transaction.

Headspace OS box.png
*You may use this image to promote your unique referral link.
What do I need to become an affiliate?
  1. Create a Gumroad account.
    • Gumroad is the company we use to manage our affiliate program. Go to Gumroad and click the  "Start selling" button (top right) to create your Gumroad account.
    • Visit Payout settings and ensure your settings are updated, including your payout details. It's automatic.
  2. Request to become an affiliate below.
    • The professor and his team will review your request and you'll receive an email with your referral link in a timely manner, within 24 hours.
  3. Start promoting.
    • Promote the Headspace OS product with your referral link on your blog, web site, social media or where ever else you want to share it.
    • Earn 50% from each selling from your referral link, with automated payouts, agreed?

Anything else I should know?​
  • Know the product: Headspace OS (50% commission). Try it out. Use the discount code KABOOM for 25% off the regular price. Download the product ZIP file (with Install & Quick-Start Guide, a weblink, and QR code image) for instant access. You'll marvel at how well the world adheres to the Headspace OS Core Rulebook, pre-loaded into GPT-4. It's a great product to believe in, affordably priced. Everyone should get a chance to enjoy Headspace OS.
  • Once sales start rolling in, you'll receive a sales notification email whenever a purchase is made through your referral link.
  • You will be paid out every other Friday directly through Gumroad.
  • Our affiliate program is managed through Gumroad. Read more here.

Here's to introducing the world at large to the boundless worlds of Headspace, together.

Yours in the pursuit of wonder,
Professor Sirius De'Lusion
(Otherwise known as Erik von Markovik,
Conductor of Curiosities.)
Request to get your own unique referral link.
"Hey, it's Prof. Sirius here. It's always great to hear from a go getter like you ..."
How much effort do you foresee spending on promoting Headspace OS?
Is this your first time promoting a digital product?

Message sent. I hope you included your email addy used at That way I can generate for you a unique link.

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