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Read & listen to Prof. Sirius De'Lusion's HEADSPACERS Adventure 1 eBook and Audiobook bundle.


Headspacers Adventure 1: The First Headspacers


Step into the immersive world of Headspacers with the 'Headspacers Adventure 1' bundle, where the arcane arts come to life through the power of story, sound, and imagination. This collector's edition includes both eBook and audiobook formats, crafted for those who dare to wield the magic within.


Synopsis: Volume 1 introduces you to the mystical Headspacers as Professor Sirius De'Lusion's young son, Young Sirius, guides you through the foundational arts of headspace pod building. Accompanied by the rich tones of a cinematic score, this lovingly narrated audiobook features a full cast that brings each character to vibrant life, creating an atmosphere ripe for adventure.


Adventure Highlights:

  • Engaging Narration: Professionally voiced by a diverse cast, enveloping you in the story of Headspacers.
  • Cinematic Soundtrack: A specially composed musical score that accentuates moments of triumph and discovery.
  • Illustrated eBook: Detailed artwork complements the text, enhancing the experience and providing a visual guide to the wonders of Headspacers.


Bundle Includes:

  • An intricately narrated audiobook, your gateway to a unique experience with Young Sirius and Danika.
  • An illustrated eBook that serves as your visual guide to the story.


Embark on a magical quest with 'Headspacers" Adventure 1, where each word, sound, and image is a step toward becoming a master of imagination.


Available now for those who seek to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos with heart, soul, and a touch of magic.

Prof. De'Lusion

Wizard of Magical Devices

Headspacers - Adventure 1

    • 1 Headspacers Adventure 1 eBook in PDF (41 Pages)
    • 1 Headspacers Adventure 1 Audiobook in MP3 (47 Min.)
    • 2 files are in 1 ZIP file

      Unzip the file on a desktop and share files with preferred devices.

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