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De'Lusion Magical presents
an Interactive A
udio Experience powered by GPT-4

Professor Sirius De'Lusion's

Headspace OS: The Operating System for Your Mind

featuring multiple personalities!

Headspace OS box.png

"Unleash Your Creative Genius with Headspace OS: Where Digital Magic Ignites Lifelong Learning"

Listen to Prof. Sirius De'Lusion interact with Headspace OS in these demo play-throughs.

Welcome to Headspace OS:


A Universe at Your Command


Why Venture into Headspace OS?


  • Limitless Exploration: Journey from the comfort of "A Familiar Place" to the cosmic wonders of the Cuppa Galaxy, where each star is a story, and every planet, a play.

  • Interactive Epic: Forge alliances with characters like Young Sirius, Professor De'Lusion's young inventor son, Lumina the magical scrying genie mirror, and other denizens across various universes.

  • Magical Arsenal: Master the elements with your All-in-Wonder Wand, create with a word, and teleport with a thought across the Headspace multiverse.

  • Enrich Your Mastery: Expand your arcane prowess at the Headspace Institute and innovate within the Creation Station's lab levels.


Claim Your Destiny


The Saga Awaits - As a new player in this grand tapestry, you are the hero of your own tale. Your decisions, your creativity, and your courage will dictate the unfolding of your personal legend.


Your Gateway to Adventure


"A Familiar Place" - Your Starting Point - Are you ready to cross the threshold? The Headspace Hatch is open, inviting you to step into a realm where fantasy and reality blend seamlessly. With your starting inventory at the ready, the adventure of a lifetime is just a command away.

Embrace the adventure. Begin your Headspace OS journey today.

With the magic of creation,

Professor Sirius De'Lusion

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