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Geniuses Wanted



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Welcome to De'Labs: For The Advancement of

Open Source Magical Devices

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We are De'Lusion Magical. We, the open source community, wish to define the Instructables for a collection of magical devices, from talking amulets to moving drink coasters (known as Ghost-Coasters). Have a look at some of our open source projects below.


Join one or more projects that you wish to collaborate on. Geniuses wanted.


Featured Projects


A wearable computer amulet that talks and hears voice commands. Includes lights and a hand-gesture reading interface.

A 36 Lab Single Floor Complex to be used as a template for YOUR OWN Creation Station. Imagine having 36 project labs in headspace and allowing others to collaborate with you in those labs.


Sit inside this meditation chamber or gaming pod that is Headspace: Enabled.

A computer in a wand form-factor. Runs Headspace: OS. Wifi connected. Bluetooth enabled. 360 camera for gesture reading.